My name is Roman!

I’m 39 years old coach, entrepreneur, trainer, traveler and simply happy person!

Originally, I’m from Ukraine but currently live on Northern Cyprus. I travel a lot, perceive this world, enjoy making myself familiar with new people and new cultures.  I speak six languages, have friends in 36 countries.  I used to work as a top manager at huge international corporations but also used to sell things on local market in my town. I used to make translations and teach children English and used to work as simple builder as well.  I have great experience in many areas of human’s life and this helped me to understand people’s psychology: what are their primary needs, what is driving them and what is holding them from being happy.


 Now, I’m your coach and fully at your disposal. I help people to find and remove things that hold them and create most of the problems in their life. Everyone wants to be happy but only few people know what prevents them from being happy and how to get rid of it. I found my way to happiness: met my Love - lady of my dream; found my predestination, keep on growing and improving my personal and spiritual life, live in full and expose new edges of myself every day.


 I’m always optimistic and have a belief, that the Universe prepared for me the best possible scenario of my happy and unique life I want to share with you a part of myself, part of my soul, so that your life would change to better.


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